The Supernatural Society Series, by Gail Carriger

I am a forever fan of Gail Carriger, evidenced by when I featured her here and here. She continually expands on the unique worlds she’s built, and keeps on creating characters that many readers can’t get enough of. Her latest book, ROMANCING THE WEREWOLF, is the second in her Supernatural Society series.

Werewolf in trouble..

Biffy, newly minted Alpha of the London Pack, is not having a good Christmas. His Beta abandoned him, his werewolves object to his curtain choices, and someone keeps leaving babies on his doorstep.

Professor Randolph Lyall returns home to London after twenty years abroad, afraid of what he might find. With his pack in chaos and his Alpha in crisis, it will take all his Beta efficiency to set everything to rights. Perhaps, in the process, he may even determine how to mend his own heart.

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger presents a charming gay love story set in her popular steampunk Parasolverse. Featuring the long-awaited reunion between everyone’s favorite quietly capable Beta and the werewolf Alpha dandy who let him slip away. This sweet romance is full of unexpected babysitting, holiday decorations, and no small amount of pining.

Delicate Sensibilities?
Contains men who love other men and have waited decades to do so.

Imogene Hale is a lowly parlourmaid with a soul-crushing secret. Seeking solace, she takes work at a local hive, only to fall desperately in love with the amazing lady inventor the vampires are keeping in the potting shed. Genevieve Lefoux is heartsick, lonely, and French. With culture, class, and the lady herself set against the match, can Imogene and her duster overcome all odds and win Genevieve’s heart, or will the vampires suck both of them dry?

This is a stand-alone LBGTQ sweet romance set in Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse, full of class prejudice, elusive equations, and paranormal creatures taking tea.

Delicate Sensibilities? This story contains women pleasing women and ladies who know what they want and pursue it, sometimes in exquisite detail.

In our last interview, you said you’d love for Rue, of Custard Protocol fame, to visit Peru or Japan. Are either of these possibilities part of Rue’s future? 

While I am a professional liar (AKA fiction author) I try not to do it too much in interviews. So, yes!

Exciting! ROMANCING THE WEREWOLF is the second in the Supernatural Society series. If you could have lunch with one character from the Supernatural Society, who would it be and why? And what would you have for lunch? 

Oh, can’t I choose both Biffy & Lyall (the main characters from RTW)? It would just be so very civilized. I’d join Lyall in eating a kipper and a fried egg for lunch. The best thing about kippers is they are good for any meal. We’d have them with, of course, a nice pot of tea. And then, because they are thoughtful werewolves, the boys would probably include some pudding they knew I loved, like trifle. Even though they don’t eat such…erm…trifles. We would discuss food, and interior design, and fashion. It would be lovely.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall! In panels, I’ve heard you talk about “Clark Kenting” and suspending disbelief. When it is hardest for you to suspend disbelief in books that you read?  

Oh, that is an easy one. I often hit up against misuse of historical terminology or fashion or food in steampunk or alt history stuff. And I don’t watch or engage with any shows or books that are likely to to do forensics. A lot of this touches on my previous areas of expertise and I just can’t get away from them getting it WRONG. SO, for example, CSI is right out.

Makes sense. The third book in the Custard Protocol series, COMPETENCE, comes out next year, and is told from Primrose’s perspective. What, if anything, can you tell us about Primrose’s story? 

Well, she has a very decided opinions on Rue and the activities of the Custard Protocol. But she is also Rue’s BFF of many years so her concerns are tempered by much affection. Of course she has her own battle to fight, an overly interested lioness shifter being but one of many. And, of course, there is the great trial of being born with a particularly annoying twin brother.

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