…Kelly Anderson! Woo hoo!

The question was: How would you enforce Prosaic City’s night beat?

Here was Kelly’s answer:
I don’t know that I would be any good at protecting either world. I would probably run screaming into the night if something nasty came ‘sliding’ over to my side. Unless he was incredibly hot, then I might run screaming at him…haha.

I liked this answer a lot because it incorporated the suspense and romance that are always so prevalent in Gini’s books. Here are a few runners up (weapons seemed to be a recurring theme):

“With all the weapons I could carry.”

“With a whole lot of snark and helpful friends on speed dial. In addition to a smart partner (any species) and weapons :)”

“Don’t know if I would be able to juggle both , but if I did I would be very tired and get lack of sleep am pretty sure people would think am crazy. Hopefully I’ll have a kick ass team to help me out. :)”

Thanks, everyone for participating! If you want to snag your own copy of Gini Koch’s THE NIGHT BEAT, click on the link below:

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