No, really. It’s true. In writing two book reviews this month, both books that came across my desk were pure drivel. It’s not so much the content or subject matter that irked me, but the lack of writing structure and sequence. Another too common phenomenon I’ve seen lately (again, these authors are published!) is the overstating of the obvious. Like we don’t know. Like we’re idiots unless they spell out every single thought in their head.

But their writing ability isn’t why they are published (obviously). Rather, they promoted a marketable idea in a way that made sense to someone else. So if you want to get published too, find an idea that is relatable and intriguing, one that will spark people’s interest. Just please, pretty please, take note of the books you read, specifically how the words are chosen and the sentences structured. Find what annoys you and avoid it. Don’t overcompensate for your reader. People are smart. They will understand where you are coming from.

Hopefully, with this in mind, by the time you publish you can save book reviewers (and readers!) the trouble of sludging through your work with the same motivation that one would have while mopping a floor.

-The Writer Librarian

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