I have mad respect for indie authors. They shoulder a ton of work, and act as their own publishing houses, all while writing on top of it all. This week, I’m spotlighting author Carolyn Chambers Clark and her mystery, CANDY, MURDER & ME:

When Cookie Berelli, dress designer for full figured women, discovers her private investigator dead in her salon, she calls on a few friends to get her out of trouble.

Everyone starts to look suspicious. For example, is Eugene Gemstone involved? After all, he is her number one fabric cutter at Florida Fashions, and he did start acting overemotional after he wore one of the dresses she designed into the ladies’ room at Chez Riso and got arrested. He’s especially suspect now that he’s disappeared with all of Cookie’s candy stash.

Okay, yes, Cookie did find the body, in fact two of them, and so she has to clear herself, but does that mean the murderer has to go after her?


According to your author bio, you’re an advanced registered nurse practitioner with a research doctorate from Columbia University. How did this career path lead to writing fiction?

I’ve had more than 20 health-related books published by major publishers. Three even won BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDS from the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING. Although I’m toying with the idea of writing one more wellness book, I want to focus on fiction because writing fiction is a challenge and makes me happy. I should record me when I’m writing fiction. You’d probably hearing me chuckling or banging on the keyboard when the villain is around.


Sounds like fun! Your book, CANDY, MURDER & ME includes recipes throughout. How did you choose the recipes you wanted to add?

I used family recipes from both my family (Norwegian) and my husband’s family (Italian) and chose those that linked well with what was going on in specific chapters. For example, in the second chapter there’s Grandma Berelli’s Pralines (Worth Going to Jail for!), In the third chapter, Aunt Hazel’s Malted Milk Balls (Sweet enough to make prison stays bearable), and in the eighth chapter, you’ll find Cookie’s Chocolate-Covered Peanuts (Munch away during stakeouts). In the eleventh chapter, Cookie munches on Norwegian Sun Buckle cookies (You’ll never leave any trace evidence with these!). More than half of the chapters have a recipe in them. To break up the mayhem.


What a great way to break up mayhem. What has been your favorite book to write and why?

I have to say I like writing the humorous ones, like CANDY, MURDER & ME because they’re fun to write and come easily. I’ve finished the second book of the series and parts of the third and fourth Candy books.


Humor is definitely something I love seeing in stories. What are some of your current projects?

I’m finishing writing and/or revising more than a few books: A young adult ghost story, a couple of YA romances, a YA summer motorcycle tour that helps two girls resolve family issues, a YA story of siblings and how one sibling tries to protect her older sister from a disastrous relationship, a women’s fiction thriller based on real-life events, an historical fantasy called MISS PEELE’S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADY SPIES that features Queen Victoria, Sherlock Holmes, and Victorina (a real person) who was the strongest woman in the world. I’m also finishing a YA story about OCD and how a teen learns how her hand-washing and obsessing can be useful in getting a role in a movie and kissing the boy of her dreams. I’m even working on a middle grade adventure story about two eleven-year-olds who save their town from the curse that’s been put on it.

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