I hear from so many writers about how their blogs are collecting mothballs. “I’m too busy writing,” they say, apologies pouring out of their eyes and mouths.

We all know they have nothing to apologize for. I’ve said it before–an online platform for writing is empty without the actual writing.

But even my writing, as well as my poor, neglected blog, has had to take a back seat. My hubby and I came back from a cousin’s wedding to discover our sick kitty was even sicker, and she’ll probably have to be put down sooner than we anticipated. To add to the fun, our fridge was busted the entire weekend–and wafted all kinds of interesting smells, ranging from old cottage cheese to ripe ice cream.

My brain’s energy has also been devoted to other kinds of decision-making. I had a horrible moment where I thought, “Is writing for a living something I really want to do?” The answer is still yes, but I also came to an important epiphany. I want to write, but I want to do other stuff too. I want to dance. I want to sing. I want to experience life while I strive toward my goals.

This also taught me that my brain does horrible things when I’m not writing, or creating. It’s like a mewling toddler, complaining that it has nothing to do–so it gives me all kinds of terrifying thoughts to think about instead. So the ultimate conclusion I’ve come to is: “Writing for a living (paid or unpaid) is something I have to do.” Because it makes me and my brain oodles happier.

So my new goal is to produce 1,000 new words a week. Even if I’m in the throes of edits. Even with ten broken fridges and fifteen ailing cats. And hopefully that will get my brain to shut the hell up already.

What about you–what do you struggle with in balancing edits, writing, blogging, and living?

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  1. Angelica R. Jackson
    Angelica R. Jackson says:

    Ah yes, every writer has that point where they decide to take a sabbatical from writing and their mind proceeds to prove that you can't really DO that. My brain throws all these convoluted dreams at me when I'm not writing, many of which are begging to be turned into written stories.


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