Stumbled upon a really interesting article on the In the Library with the Lead Pipe website today. The author is well-informed, and goes over all the hoops involved with publishing a book in the ebook and internet “exploding text” age. The article can be found here.

One of the things she talks about is how complicated the process is, and how many different people have to have stamps of approval on the work. This is something that isn’t commonly talked about among writers, but it definitely should be a necessary topic of conversation for those who want to market their work.

For those interested in query letters, here’s a link with some useful tips. This focuses on publishing young adult fiction, but can likely be applied to most genres.

I’m interested in researching other ways to network in the writing world–with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sally, and Molly trying to get published, this task seems even more daunting. More on this later.

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