I’ve slowed down with blogging here for a bit because I’m in the final throes of revisions for my current WIP, and I’m devoting more time to building my craft through short stories, scripts, and other types of media.

I’m also taking some time to reassess the scope of this blog, especially after reading Jane Friedman’s post, “What Should Authors Blog About?” It’s made me rethink my platform and what I want to be saying with it.

As of now, I dabble in what Jane calls “The Literary Citizenship Model” because I’m interested in promoting authors and their books. Any part about my writing life, known as the “Behind the Scenes” model, has migrated to the group blog I’m a a part of, Operation Awesome.

As an example, here’s some stuff I’ve posted over there in the past few months:

Plot Running Astray?

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Edited Prose Falling Flat? Check Your Inner Critic

Lemonade from Lemons: Filling the Creative Well During Rough Periods

How All Work and No Play Kills a Manuscript

And author interviews will continue to be posted here. Stay tuned next Wednesday, when I’ll be interviewing the awesomely talented Shelley Coriell.

Food for thought: Do you find author blogs useful? Do you think blogs will eventually be replaced with something else? 

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