A few months back, I featured THE CURIOUS CAT SPY CLUB series by Linda Joy Singleton. She also writes picture books, and I told her I’d be happy to post a review of her latest book, CASH KAT:

Review of CASH KAT:

Kat and Gram Hatter are all set for a day of picking up litter at the park. While there, Kat finds a variety of coins, and Gram helps her measure how much they’re worth. Five pennies equal a nickel, five nickels equal a quarter, and so on. The illustrations are very helpful to help children understand the value of money and how it adds up. Kat is also wonderful to watch, especially when she decides what to do with her new-found treasure. Math activities at the end make this book a great choice for libraries, especially those enacting homework programs. The engaging illustrations and digestible text will also appeal to a wide variety of readers. Recommended for ages 6-8.

For more about Linda Joy Singleton and her books, you can visit www.lindajoysingleton.com

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