The Fallen Queen, by Jane Kindred, has such a fantastic premise that I had to share. Its great-looking cover also allowed me an opportunity to finally test posting pictures to my blog:

Here’s the premise, from Goodreads:

 “Heaven can go to hell.

Until her cousin slaughtered the supernal family, Anazakia’s father ruled the Heavens, governing noble Host and Fallen peasants alike. Now Anazakia is the last grand duchess of the House of Arkhangel’sk, and all she wants is to stay alive.

Hunted by Seraph assassins, Anazakia flees Heaven with two Fallen thieves—fire demon Vasily and air demon Belphagor, each with their own nefarious agenda—who hide her in the world of Man. The line between vice and virtue soon blurs, and when Belphagor is imprisoned, the unexpected passion of Vasily warms her through the Russian winter.

Heaven seems a distant dream, but when Anazakia learns the truth behind the celestial coup, she will have to return to fight for the throne—even if it means saving the man who murdered everyone she loved.”

You can an excerpt of Fallen Queen here. And, if you’re interested in following Jane’s blog tour, you can go here.

 The Goodreads entry contains a good example of an effective hook: “Heaven can go to hell.” I haven’t yet figured out the hook for my currently unpolished book, Anderson’s Curse, that I wrote for NaNo, but I do know the elevator pitch: “Foster kids with superpowers.” (Though a tired interaction and NaNo brain death one evening reduced this to “Kids with foster powers.”)

Have you thought about a one-sentence hook or pitch for your current novel? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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