Below is a message I received on the NMRT-L listserv:

ALA-APA is in need of newsletter article writers for its publication, Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders. The electronic newsletter is sent monthly to thousands of ALA institutional members and subscribers. The newsletter informs readers about issues—career advancement, certification, human resources practice, pay equity, recruitment, research, work/life balance—that concern all library employees. We are particularly interested in HR Law, HR Practice Support Staff and Worklife-focused articles. Here are a few possible topics, but feel free to send me your own. If you write three articles in a 12-month period, you receive a free annual subscription. Our guidelines for submission are on the ALA-APA website. Please email your topic(s) and your preferred deadline(s).

Developing a great relationship with your boss· Finding a job when you’re trailing your partner· Why you would take a lateral career move· Learning style assessments· Personality assessments· Management assessments· Conflict management in the office· Explaining why you left an organization or seem to “move a lot” and how to talk about a bad situation without burning a bridge or yourself· Sloppy speech habits like “uh”· Developing a personal budget and financial goals· Great staff development programs· How to get someone to critique your resume and how not to get caught in the critique cycle· Business ethics· Interviewer styles· How to follow up after an interview· Asking for a raise during a promotion· Tips for working from home· How a career coach can make a difference· What every library employee needs to keep in/on their desk

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